Sunday, April 19, 2009

I don't sleep well anymore and this has many horrible repercussions that come with it. I am really emotional. More so than normal, but I harbor it and just cry to myself. I don't deal well. Loneliness can seem suffocating. I am working through that though. It has made me distant and I want to fix that.

We have a new building. I hope to post pictures somewhere soon. It has two classrooms and a main room and two bathrooms. I had full creative rights on the babies room and I am so happy with it but, it is definitely not done yet. I was so happy b/c in addition to Andrew helping, Ashley, Zane and Brettin came and helped me. It was so great.

Growing up has been hard and making decisions, even harder. but, I am so blessed and I know it and I just need to start living every moment like this is so. I am reading Redeeming Love right now and it is so great. It bring out a lot of emotions within me but, mostly of just hpw much I can not wait to find my special someone and start a life together. I think thats why god doesn't let me date, I will fall head over heels for the next guy and be married in like three months (ok, gross over-exaggeration but still....) I still need sometime single. So yea. 

Andrew and Amanda are sick and I am exhausted, So, I am gonna go watch a movie and spend sometime enjoying living in Mexico. 


Anonymous said...

Mi amore! I'm so glad to hear an update from you. I'm also excited to hear that you are reading Redeeming Love. But I do hope you can see God as your special someone with whom you've already started a wonderful life! I know things are hard and that there's nothing I can say or do to make it better. Just know that I care about you and trust that God will sustain you.

Amy Victory said...

Jennie, I am so proud of the young lady you are becoming. I have so many happy memories of you and I never cease to be amazed to find out what you are doing next. You touch people just by being who you are. I still remember Roy teaching you to cut with a chef's knife and I was sure you would cut a hand off or something, but he believed in you. Growing up is much tougher than I thought it would be. The older I get the more I understand why they call them growing pains. Roy and I will be praying for you. Amy Victory