Monday, February 18, 2008

Came home sick today. I have on of those headaches that makes you cranky. Light hurts, noise hurts, thinking hurts, breathing hurts, I am exhausted. I have stressed myself out to the point of illness.

I talked to a fried the other night and they asked me why I cry so often. they asked me why i fight with people so much. htey asked em what had changed in Lubbock from when I was at OC. I am not sure though. I honestly have no idea. I am a little worried though. Maybe i am jsut stressing out about stupid things.

Chris J likes me. he thinks I am neat and this makes me smile real lots. He is pretty swell and I way like his family as well.. I

Monday, February 4, 2008


So today was a rough one. I cried a whole lot. I am flippin out a bit jsut trying to process being on a team. It has been a very rough past few days. i guess past week is more accurate. I have been alon with the rest of my team fighting illness. I don't know what all eveyrone had but i can tell youthat it was way unpleasent. All are much better than they have been though.

We had a hard team meeting on Friday night. There was talk of quiting the team and talk of leaving AIM from different people. this was exhausting but very valuable to be aware of where people are at.

I am beign stretched and grown and ripped apart. I feel like my eyes might just fall out of my head. I have ben crying and fighting and such. I got angry today. I got so mad i wanted to quit. I am not quitting though. I am so afraid of the unknown. i know god is faithful. I am working on being confident in that knowledge. god is faithful and will reveal His plan inhis due time.

I leave for Mexico in less than 70 hours. I am very excited to get there and to get to go to Cuernavaca fo=r a day and meet the last couple and to stay the ngiht and go to the church I will be attending in a few short months.

More on all fo this soon... but right nwo I desperately need to go clean.