Sunday, April 26, 2009

my God is so big, so strong and so mighty, there's nothing my God can not do!!!

This year has definitely been more crazy than I could have ever imagined. I left for Mexico a little under a year ago. I have learned another language, lived in to different homes. Made many new friends, loved deeper and harder than imagined and am now living about an hour away from the most affected city with the swine virus. 

So, we have been cautioned to stay home as much as possible. avoid kisses and handshakes, avoid public transportation, which is our only option and stay away form those who could be sick. Life is strange. but, it is giving Amanda, Andrew and I great quality time. 

Right now it is really hot so I am gonna go take a cool shower and try to cool down. i will do my best to keep you better posted during this time. Thanks for the love and support. 

Sunday, April 19, 2009

I don't sleep well anymore and this has many horrible repercussions that come with it. I am really emotional. More so than normal, but I harbor it and just cry to myself. I don't deal well. Loneliness can seem suffocating. I am working through that though. It has made me distant and I want to fix that.

We have a new building. I hope to post pictures somewhere soon. It has two classrooms and a main room and two bathrooms. I had full creative rights on the babies room and I am so happy with it but, it is definitely not done yet. I was so happy b/c in addition to Andrew helping, Ashley, Zane and Brettin came and helped me. It was so great.

Growing up has been hard and making decisions, even harder. but, I am so blessed and I know it and I just need to start living every moment like this is so. I am reading Redeeming Love right now and it is so great. It bring out a lot of emotions within me but, mostly of just hpw much I can not wait to find my special someone and start a life together. I think thats why god doesn't let me date, I will fall head over heels for the next guy and be married in like three months (ok, gross over-exaggeration but still....) I still need sometime single. So yea. 

Andrew and Amanda are sick and I am exhausted, So, I am gonna go watch a movie and spend sometime enjoying living in Mexico. 

Monday, April 6, 2009

I think this is just too hard. I am trying to speak truth into my life and the lives of others. In two incidences it has been really great. I have done what I know to fix broken relationships. Its hard and it hurts and in some parts it makes me more vulnerable than I would prefer. God is teaching me a lot in the past few days and it is rough. I am just not dealing well...... with time, thank you God.

I need to go work on the newsletter now, I have put this off for too long.