Saturday, December 6, 2008

I have a puppy!!!!

Here name is Bela. She is stinking cute. She is a little beyond puppydom but man, she is still very much a puppy. She is intrigued by my toes. She pounces them so I have to wear socks at all times. She is not house broken so that is a patience tryer for both Amanda and I. The boys have been great to. They just moved upstairs like two days ago and so they are claiming the dog as well. They call her our dog, it is way cute. Ben says we can't keep her indefinitely and that makes me sad.
See, I cam home on Tuesday night and she was just sitting in front of my apartment door. I couldn't just leave her there. SO I told Amanda that God had given us a dog. We asked our neighbors and no one knew who she belonged to. SO we told one of the apartment workers that we had her in case anyone comes looking for her. NO one has yet. S for now, she is ours.

My vacation in other parts of Mexico was simply amazing. I spent like a whole week with the Thornton's which made me so happy.I could not have asked for a better thanksgiving. It makes me so happy. Took tons and tons of pictures and saw so many things. I laughed hard and cried hard. I pent time with some AIMers I hadn't seen since April so what was way cool. I stayed with the Guadalajara girls for a little while and they were so sweet. Making me breakfast and just amazing.

I talked with Aaron a lot. I knew I had missed him but, I had no idea how much. He makes me so happy. It was good to be with "tio Aaron" again.

I talked with Brian. It was really nice. I think I lost a lot of bitterness and resentment I had held towards him. I don't even think I was so aware that I was mad until I saw him and than there as the anger. But, we talked and not really even about why I was mad, we just talked. IT was like old times and I just felt better.

The retreat was amazing. I always learn a lot when Jason and Heather are speaking and this time was no different. They amaze me. They are so in tune with God and His word and it just flow or radiates from them.

The last morning I was talking to Jason about how my ministry had felt really empty. I didn't really want to go to the retreat because I didn't want to tell people that I don't really do much. He was so good though and talked to me about how in the secular word when you are a chef the owner will come in and ask you about what all you have done, how many dishes you have served, where they satisfied, was it hot, things of that nature. And if you have little to share you could loose your job. but in the Christian world. In the realms of ministry, God comes in and just asks me "did you stay in the kitchen, when a costumer came in, did you take the opportunity and do your best" I was so amazed. that was a great relief ( I apologize if that makes no sense, I will never say it as amazingly as he did)

It is amazing though because two nights ago I was leaving Starbucks and got into a talk with a worker there. He asked me about my beliefs and why I believe them. He really is beyond the beliefs of some philosopher I have never heard of. So we made a deal. I will read the stuff from this philosopher that he prints off for me if, he is will o sit down and study the bible. He said yes, So, he is putting together a list of questions for me, and we are going to study them. I am stoked.

I think that is it for now.... oh yea. I am going to a metal show tonight, August Burns Red. I am stoked. I am going to get knocked around.

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Anonymous said...

Fun, fun, fun! I'm glad you're enjoying Bela while you can. Also I'm very glad you got to go to the retreat and that you were blessed in so many different ways through it. Keep living faithfully and God will remain faithful. When you have been a good steward of little then He will bless you with more.